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The Complete Story of PrintSix®
The world's
#1 choice in easy-to-use digital photo printing software for everyone.TM

Beginning way back in 1999 with the introduction of the first digital cameras, PrintSix® Photo Printing Software for Windows was also born during that same year.  It was born from a need… A need to help make printing digital photos both efficient and affordable.

With these new digital cameras, we could now view our pictures almost instantly after taking them.  And since there were no film development costs associated with digital photography, we could freely "snap away" and take as many pictures as we like without worrying about the high cost of getting our pictures developed.  We simply take as many pictures as want, keep the ones we like, and delete the rest.

And these are the luxuries of digital photography!  But with these new luxuries came some new problems…  The problem of printing our collection of digital photos, not to mention the problem of keeping our entire collection of digital photos organized as it grows.

Whether you're a novice or a pro, one of the first things you learn about printing digital photos is that most digital pictures never get printed due to the high cost of digital photo paper and the hassle involved in creating prints.  At prices often exceeding $1.00 per sheet, one must be somewhat selective in choosing which pictures to print.  And with most other photo printing software where you have to create the page layouts yourself, printing an entire "shoot" of 36 pictures can take you up to a couple hours or more; especially if you have to load your pictures one-at-a-time.  And considering the high cost of digital photo paper… Well, it seems to me that you'd be much better off using your 35mm camera and taking your film to the local drugstore for developing and prints.   So something had to be done to make printing digital photos more practical, efficient, and affordable.

Today, the digital photo industry addresses the issue of printing digital photos from many different perspectives; all seemingly designed to make money.  Big money!  There are various photo services available such as companies who will create prints from your digital photos, photo sharing and photo printing websites, and even self-service digital photo machines at your local department store.  But when you evaluate the prices of all these services, you get a quick "reality check."  They’re expensive… I mean really expensive!   Typically... 49¢ for a single 4x6, $1.29 for a single 5x7, and $3.29 for a single 8x10, ...or even more.  That's about $18 to get a single set of 4x6 prints from a "shoot" of 36 digital pictures!  And you can all but forget about those expensive self-service digital photo machines... At $4.99 per sheet (or even more), now we're up to $60 for a single set of 36 4x6's!

A few companies have also created software for printing and/or editing digital pictures with each software program having its own advantages and disadvantages.  But since most major software manufacturers are also in the business of selling expensive digital photo paper, not surprisingly, their software only allows you to print your digital photos one-at-a-time.  And that too can get really expensive.

But the creators of PrintSix® are not in the business of selling expensive digital photo paper.  And we too have our own ideas of how a photo printing software program should work.  We feel that it should be easy to use, affordable, and allow you to quickly and easily create prints and photo album pages without the need of having to create each and every page layout yourself.  It should also help you get the most from every sheet of expensive photo paper by allowing you to print multiple pictures of your choice on a single page.  But before delving right into how PrintSix® has been designed, let’s first talk about some fundamental differences between print and film photography and digital photography…

PrintSix® Photo Printing Software for Windows has been designed to overcome all of these differences and limitations… And more…  As such, PrintSix®


PrintSix® is a professional photo printing application that runs right from your web browser.  In this way, you enjoy no dragging and dropping, no editing, simplicity of use, and no creating each and every page layout!  Our expertly-designed “pre-formatted” page templates makes it easy to create standard-size prints and uniform photo album pages with perfect results every time.  And when it comes to printing large quantities of digital photos, PrintSix® beats the competition hands down by allowing you to quickly load and process up to 36 pictures at a time using the simple "copy" and "paste" commands of Windows itself.

But since PrintSix® is a picture printing program and not a picture editing program, you cannot edit or resize your pictures.  Nor can you electronically add text and/or captions to your pictures.  But using our expertly-designed "pre-formatted" page templates, PrintSix® does allow you print perfect standard-size pictures and photo album pages that can be stored and displayed in a standard three ring binder with professional results.  Our pre-formatted page templates even compensate for where the holes are punched so you don’t punch holes through any of your pictures!  And when it comes to the quality of your printed pictures… Indeed, no other photo printing software program even comes close to the professional results created by PrintSix®.

Print Six Pictures To A Page!
Print Six!
Print 3½x5's - Four to a  Page
Print 4x6's - Two to a Page
Print 5x7's - Two to a Page
Print Perfectly-Formatted 8x10's
Print 2x3 Wallet-Size Photos - Nine to a Page

PrintSix® has also been designed for speed by allowing you to load pictures in batches of up to 36 at a time from a special folder on your computer called a "working folder."  The working folder is a special folder which contains just the pictures you want to print.  Accordingly, all versions of PrintSix® load pictures only from this working folder.  With the Professional Version, Premium Edition, and Commercial Version of PrintSix®, the working folder is a special Windows folder called PrintSix Pictures which must be located on your Windows desktop.  "But can’t I just load pictures from anywhere on my computer?"  No… If PrintSix® were designed to work this way, then you would only be allowed to load your pictures one at a time, and as you can imagine, this is a very slow and inefficient way to load your pictures; especially if you have a large quantity of pictures to print.  Instead, PrintSix® can "batch-load" up to 36 pictures at a time from your working folder into any pre-formatted page template of your choice with one simple click!


But before you can use PrintSix® to print your pictures, you must first load the working folder with up to 36 different pictures using any "copy and paste" method of your choice.  You can even use the Windows "group copy" command to select and paste up to 36 pictures at a time.  And that’s where the speed comes in.  Once your pictures have been copied into the working folder, our file renaming utility makes it fast and easy to rename your pictures into the required format so that your pictures can be "group processed" by the PrintSix® program.  Additionally, since PrintSix® is not able to read or access your picture files from their original locations, you can be sure that any computer malfunction resulting in the loss of your original pictures will not be caused by the PrintSix® program.  It’s an extra added measure of safety in helping to safeguard your pictures from accidental loss.  Once your pictures have been properly loaded into the working folder and properly renamed, then you’re ready to use PrintSix® to print your pictures.  Upon startup, PrintSix® will load the entire contents of the working folder (up to 36 pictures at a time) into any pre-formatted page template of your choice with one simple click!  It’s fast.  Really fast!  But you have to manage the contents of the working folder using the simple copy and paste commands of Windows itself.

After your pictures have been printed, you can load the working folder with up to 36 new pictures to print.  Thus managing the contents of the working folder is really what it’s all about.  For users already experienced with copying and pasting files and folders using Windows, learning to use PrintSix® will be a snap.  And for the beginner, with a little patience and a little practice, you too can learn to use PrintSix® the way the pros do and print an entire shoot of 36 pictures in only minutes.  You see, when it comes to printing large quantities of digital photos, it’s all about speed.  And that's why PrintSix® is preferred by both amateur and professional digital photographers worldwide.

So like all professional computer software designed with both speed and efficiency in mind, PrintSix® assumes that you have at least a basic understanding of your computer and how to use Windows.  As a reminder… PrintSix® is a batch picture printing program designed for speed.  So before you order PrintSix®, you should already know how to copy, paste, and rename files and folders.  And while it is not our responsibility to teach our customers how to use a computer or how to use Windows, we’re always here to help with free customer support in case you run into trouble.  Indeed, our Testimonials Page is a tribute to our many satisfied customers.


And for those of you who own a digital camera capable of recording "Large-Format" and/or "High Image Quality" .jpg (JPEG) pictures, we have developed the Professional Version of PrintSix®, the Premium Edition of PrintSix®, and the Commercial Version of PrintSix®; all of which load pictures directly from your hard drive and can accommodate .jpg (JPEG) files of any size.  And unlike most other photo software where pictures must be loaded one-at-a-time... All versions of PrintSix® allow you to load an entire batch of up to 36 pictures at a time with one simple click!  This feature alone sets PrintSix® apart from the competition and is especially useful when you're printing a large collection of digital photos.

So regardless of whether you are a novice or a pro, we've got a PrintSix® program that's right for you!  And right now, you can take advantage of our limited time "Internet Specials" and save up to 67% off retail price!  See below to download…


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Photo Printing Software...For Windows
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To learn more about each version of PrintSix®, click on any link or visit our Product Showcase and our FAQ page.  You can also visit our PrintSix Page Template Showcase featuring a stunning high-quality display of our most popular PrintSix® page templates and projects.  And don't forget to take the PrintSix Template Tour!  It's an informative showcase of all that you can do with PrintSix®!  Whether you're a novice or a pro, we've got a PrintSix® program that's right for you! Download Today!


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